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Venting: Losing Best Friends and Making New Ones

  Guys, I hope you don't mind, but can I just vent for a bit? A month ago, I was in a debate with my friends about an undisclosed subject. Because I'm still young and stupid, my relationship with them would go sour. That argument would then haunt me for the rest of my teenage life (probably not). I would also proceed to lack the confidence to try and apologize to them because of the fear that they'll probably hate me. Weeks after, shortly after I got addicted to the Yakuza series, I would join a Facebook meme group called Yakuza MajimaPosting. After posting a few memes, I would find out that they have a Discord server. As soon as I joined it, I would keep quiet, but not until I heard about Radio Royale, the group's podcast. I wouldn't participate until the second episode though, since the first episode's question didn't really fit me. That was when I would start to get active more with the MajimaPosters. That was when the Yakuza MajimaPosting community becam

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